Editing videos on smartphone has never been easier

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Editing videos on smartphone has never been easier

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One of the many potentials of the smartphone is that it has become a veritable Swiss army knife. A tool apparently so small but with immense depth, capable of letting us do much more than make a phone call or send an SMS. And, since smartphone cameras are getting better and better, the quality of the images that we manage to capture almost allows us to make small films. Once you capture the images, just edit them and get ready to release them to the Internet. In this post, we focus again on tools that help you edit videos , more precisely presenting some applications that you can install on your mobile device.

In this way he was able to fulfill that dream of filmmaking that he always had but which he never dedicated himself to due to lack of equipment. Editing videos on C Level Executive List smartphone has never been easier Fly is a simple, fast and powerful video editor for iPhone , with one outstanding feature: it syncs the recording up to four devices at the same time. For most iOS users , iMovie is the best known editor, but there are interesting alternatives.


Google recently announced the purchase of Fly Labs and since then four of the company's products have become available for free on the App Store : Clips , Fly , Tempo and Crop . The Fly app's features let you use videos from your library or record new ones, and best of all, edits for up to five minutes are possible. You can also add background music and narration, fun transitions and split screen. Almost the entire process is controlled by multitouch . fly So far nothing new compared to other editors, but there is a feature that stands out: recording with four devices simultaneously, in various angles and subsequent synchronization.

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